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    wanna be


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    wanna be

    Post  VOLDMORT on Fri Jul 30, 2010 5:32 am

    hi all it`s my pleasure to apply for addministration and it`s honor too to work with such team of addmins to stop cheating it`s too bad to find acheater playing with us and not to take adecission with him it`s hard to see that cheater playing with us laughing and feeling no responsible to the other players cuz he haven`t been banned or kicked from such servers or another and we all know that we like clean playin without cheating and i appreaciate admins for there effort to stop cheating wishing abetter playing but we all know admins r so few they can`t be in all servers all the time so i applied to be an admin to help them in stoping cheaters to interfer our clean game and simply confuse our playin and i hope to be helpful admin if i `ve been accepted of u and to love each other as admins and to help each other to be abetter players with better rules and better rulers thnx for readin


    Re: wanna be

    Post  piereeha on Tue Aug 03, 2010 9:28 am

    how long i must wait for answering plz tell me i`m waiting for along time i play with name voldemort and most of people there know me spectate me if u doubt i`m cheating and thank u for reading but plz decide fast if i can or can`t be an admin but allow me to play in ur servers cuz ur servers is the most wonderful servers i`ve ever played i found it`s the cleanest servers i`ve ever played in without cheaters and cheaters who entered it r been kicked or banned thnx for ur time of reading Very Happy

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